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Help them have amazing personal focus, true to where they are in life.

Open & Curious

Phase 1 people are awakening to how bright their future can be. Is this you?

Tuned-In & Processing

Phase 2 people explore all the details of who they are becoming. Is this you?

Out There & On-It!

Phase 3 people know who they are here to be and get after it. Is this you?

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The Beginner's Guide helps you...

Discover which ShineOn™ Phase you are in.

You are unique—and so is your life! In the first video of this free, 5-part series, you’ll learn about what key factors determine the 3 Phases and discover which Phase of life you are currently in.


See how to consciously flow in your daily life

Ever felt defeated… and you just woke up? No more! Set yourself free! We'll show you exactly how to tune in to get yourself started in the most empowering way for your phase.

Uncover your passion and potential through self-activation.

We'll show you exactly what to look for so you can start to find clarity and bring meaning into your life. You'll make progress in your current phase right away.

Finally, have fun expressing yourself in a life you love.

We'll show you how to create flow with an outlook for your day and life that has structure and feels 100% authentic to you. We're certain you'll be eager to just go for it!

See how to bring it all together!

Everyone deserves to love their life. We'll show you how to process life and ShineOn™ every day. You will feel amazingly aligned, even as your phases change, throughout your life.

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