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ShineOn™ Experience

The ShineOn™ Experience

Is where magic happens. This is a fun digital experience where your child gets to explore their greatness and potential. They will learn who they want to become and what the potential for their future could be. Using the ShineOn™ Method we

generate a mini-poster of your future self and then take it to the next level with a fun mission to find images that amplify everything that comes up. Under these fiercely creative conditions your child will explore and invent what's possible for their life.


The ShineOn™ Method

Designed to grow with your child, the ShineOn™ Method offers a structure to support their personal development. Focused on three key areas; mindset, clarity and action, we aim to inspire an empowering shift in focus towards the future. We are committed to supporting your child in discovering their full potential.

Build Confidence

Get Future Focused

Develop Resilience



It's discovery time. We'll help you craft a personalized clarity map to support you in your journey. You will embark on a truth seeking mission to find out what is the highest, truest expression of yourself. Time to get excited about who you are becoming!



You will not know all the answers to your map right away. Our resources are here to guide and support you as you build more clarity into your map. Your progress will illuminate the path and inspire you to keep going on this incredible journey.


Keep Going

The ShineOn Method and Clarity Mapping Experience is more than a workshop; it's a way of life. As you discover things about yourself you'll decide what the next right move is and we'll be there for you cheering you on to keep going!

“I learned more about myself in this two-hour workshop than I have in the last two years! ShineOn helped me get clear about who I am, what I wanted to do and start figuring out how I wanted to do it. That immediately made me feel confident and successful. Now I'm on the right track and feel unstoppable! Thank you ShineOn! ”
Alex, Student

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